What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

On Sunday mornings, our red doors just off of Diamond Park open at 8:30am. At that time people start to gather in the sanctuary, for both quiet reflection and for fellowship.

From 9-10am people continue to gather, enjoy fellowship, and prepare their hearts and minds for worship.  On some Sundays we have educational, faith formation or fellowship events. You can find out what is happening on any given Sunday by checking out the church calendar HERE or by taking a look at Grace Notes, which is the church’s monthly newsletter HERE.

At 10am, worship begins. We gather weekly to experience the words of confession and forgiveness, hear the word of God read, a biblically-based message proclaimed, share in Holy Communion, and praise and worship Jesus through song.

Our worship style is informal yet liturgical, which means that when you join in worship here we follow the ancient patterns of Christian worship while expressing ourselves with current language and musical styles. Our worship music is led by Acclamation of Grace, which is our praise band. Our style of worship has been described as joyful, informal and contextual.

We celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday. We believe that through the sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion, we experience the promises of God in unique and tangible ways. We believe that Holy Communion is served at the table of Jesus, and all are welcome at his table.

Children are welcome and celebrated in worship at Grace. We have weekly children’s bulletins and Sabbath boxes (activity boxes) for children. We enjoy the way that children participate in worship through joy, laughter and cries, wiggles and play.

Some people wonder what to wear on a Sunday morning. We welcome you to wear what makes you comfortable. When you come to worship at Grace you will see people wearing suits and ties and you will see people wearing jeans and t-shirts. We believe that God loves you just as you are and we welcome you to come as you are.

At Grace @ Calvary, worship is typically 1-1.25 hours in length. We end our worship with a word of God’s peace when we say, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”